What is yourconnection with Rutgers Preparatory School (RPS)?  Why is this important?

问题由外方校长John F. Larner博士解答,下拉可查看中文翻译。

Rutgers Preparatory School (RPS) is one of the top American private high schools.  It is the oldest private school in the state of New Jersey, and this year is celebrating its 250th year.Our partner ship operates on a number of levels.  One important level is helping our school engage teachers.  People at RPS are helping us identify and interview qualified teachers to come to MPIS. A member of the RPS Senior Management Team sits on the MPIS Board, there by ensuring close cooperation and coordination between the two schools. Our connection with RPS will also help us to earn accreditation from an American based agency.  This will greatly help our students when they apply to American universities.  Our connection with RPS will also help us develop our curriculum so that it is closely aligned with the RPS curriculum.  As we do this, our teachers will be in contact with the teachers at RPS to ensure that the same approaches and standards are being maintained.  Our teachers will also benefit from professional development that we can organize with input from RPS.  Last but not least, the possibility of offering exchanges between the two schools is part of the future project.  All of these areas are important in that they ensure we will offer at MPIS an American style of education in the heart of Hangzhou.